1st Ecological Produce Market at La Quinta Golf in Benahavis

La Quinta Golf in Benahavis is hosting its 1st Ecological Produce Market day on the 22nd January from 10am until 3pm on the Gourmet La Quinta terrace.

There will be various Ecolgical items to purchase including organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables, natural cosmetics and olive oils. A wine tasting will also be on offer!

On Ecological Produce Market day, the La Quinta chefs from the Escuela de Hosteleria de Benahavis will be demonstrating their culinary skills!

About Ecological Food:

There are many reasons why we should buy organic. Ecological or organic farming is, of course, better for the environment with no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers destroying soil, water and wildlife but it also supports local farmers who can earn a fairer price compared to factory farming.

Organically grown foods are becoming more popular as we become more concerned about the health and the safety of the food we eat. Organic meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products derives from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones and has higher levels of iron and zinc that are vital nutrients lacking in many people’s diets.

Here are a few differences between conventional farming and Ecological / Organic farming:

Conventional – Chemical fertilizers to promote plant growth are applied.
Organic – Natural fertilizers, such as manure or compost, to feed soil and plants are applied.

Conventional – Spray insecticides to reduce pests and disease.
Organic – Use beneficial insects and birds, mating disruption or traps to reduce pests and disease.

Conventional – Give animals antibiotics, growth hormones and medications to prevent disease and spur growth.
Organic – Give animals organic feed and allow them access to the outdoors. Use preventive measures — such as rotational grazing, a balanced diet and clean housing — to help minimize disease.

For more information on the 1st Ecological Produce Market day, please call: +34 675 778 297 or e-mail: Gourmet@grupolaquinta.com

Gourmet La Quinta
Urb. La Quinta Golf
Nueva Andalucia

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