A talk on Overcoming Dependency with Conor Cordoroy in Marbella

A talk on Overcoming Dependency with Conor Cordoroy is taking place on Wednesday 24 August at 6.30pm at Restaurante Amapola in Marbella.

Overcoming Dependency with Conor Cordoroy:

We tend to think of addiction and dependency as the same thing, and we tend to associate them with alcohol, cigarettes and hard drugs such as heroin. But in fact physical addiction and emotional or psychic dependency are quite different. Where physical addiction can sometimes be overcome quite quickly be means of ‘cold turkey’, psychic and emotional dependency can seem impossible to overcome. Hence the Alcoholics Anonymous statement that, ‘once an alcoholic always an alcoholic’.

In this talk, Conor Cordoroy will be discussing techniques from neuro-linguistic programming and others which he has developed himself over the years, that enable people to overcome dependency and transform their experience of it into an enriching fund of emotional and psychic resources and strength.

About Conor Cordoroy:

Conor Cordoroy has trained in a very wide range of subjects. As well as being a novelist, he is a Member of the Institute of Linguists, a barrister, and has trained in social and developmental psychology, as well as psychoanalysis. He trained in NLP with Richard Bandler and is a qualified Master Practitioner. He has made a life-long private study of Buddhist meditation, Raja Yoga and hypnosis, and has been practicing hypnotherapy for some thirty years.

In recent years he has been bringing together the fruits of his studies and his experience to form the philosophy and practice of Living Alchemy, which is the study of how we transform and create our reality, from one moment to the next.

Conor Cordoroy currently lives and practices in the south of Spain.

To reserve your place and for more information on the Conor Cordoroy talk, please email: marbellahealingcircle@gmail.com

Donations will be gratefully received. You can stay on after the talk which will finish around 7.30pm for light tapas and drinks where you may talk to Conor personally.



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