A week of movie screening: “Seraphine” & “Triage”

The Marbella Town Hall through the municipal delegation of Culture and Higher Education, has announced special screening of movies. As part of a series, “Special Movie-goers” and “Cinema Club Buñuel”, two popular movies are scheduled to be screened.

Director Martin Provost’s Séraphine and Danis Tanovic’s Triage will be screened in their original as well as Spanish version at two different venues. The first one will be featured on Monday at the Institute of Marbella Rio Verde, between 20.00 and 22.15 hours, and Tuesday, at 21.00 pm in the Cultural Center San Pedro Alcántara.

Talking about the movie Seraphine, it is a biopic based on a real life story of Séraphine Louis aka Séraphine de Senlis. The principal character is played by Belgian actress Yolande Moreau which earned her César Awards for Best Actress in 2009.

Louis, lives in Senlis and makes a living cleaning houses. However what little spare time she has, she uses in painting brilliantly colourful canvases, using somewhat unusual materials. Wilhelm Uhde, a German dealer fascinated by modern painters and naive, discovers a small box of Seraphine. And from here on the plot moves with the intersection of these two lives.

Martin Provost’s filming loaded with great emotional force made it the big winner at the Cesar Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actress. It was not only a portrait of the painter Seraphine de Senlis, but also an approach to the artistic process and the insanity which it sometimes leads. Awed by the superb performance of Yolande Moreau, this movie is a treat to watch.

As part of the “Cine Club Bunuel”, the Danis Tanovic (No Man’s Land) directed film “Triage” to be screened on Wednesday and Thursday in Marbella and on Friday in San Pedro.

This is a story about a war photo journalist Mark (played by Colin Farrell) who returned from a dangerous assignment in Kurdistan only to find his best friend David (Jamie Sives) missing. The story goes on to describe the dire consequences of war, the barbarity and its collateral damage.

Oscar-winning film director Danis Tanovic recreates the former war correspondent Scott Anderson about the barbarism of military expression and the role played by photojournalists. Paz Vega and Christopher Lee are also featured in two other pivotal roles.

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