Accommodation in Marbella

With shades of glitz and glamour, Marbella is one modern resort town on the Costa del Sol that attracts thousands of visitors every year. In fact, the entire southern Spain, including Andalucia, is one hot spot in the tourist map of Spain.

For holidaymakers searching accommodation in Marbella and surrounding areas, there are numerous options to suit your holiday.

Choosing your accommodation option in Marbella is largely depends on your budget and the kind of trip you are in. If you want to just relax in a five-star hotel or villa- enjoying their luxury offerings, you may do so by asking some the renowned hotel chains or rent a villa.

However, for those who are more active and love to travel, better not to stick to a particular luxury hotel and spend thousand Euros. It’s advisable to look for a Marbella villa, apartment, or townhouse, which would be economical. You can easily find one villa on rent to enjoy this fashionable Marbella.

It’s always wise to book any kind of accommodation in Marbella prior to your visit. Although there are a good number of hotels, luxury villas and lovely rented apartment, in the peak tourist season – July and August – you may not find the right kind of place due to the high tourist concentration.

Marbella Hotels & Villas

The cost of hotels and Marbella villas largely varies with the location. Those beachside villas costs more compared to inland or hotels located on the mountain side of the road. If you are in Marbella for a beach vacation, check whether or not your hotel is just walking distance from the beach.

There are numerous websites offering holiday accommodation booking facilities and almost all features images of the villa and its distance from key communication and visiting points of Marbella. Hence, you can easily figure out which one suits more to your budget and your planned holiday outing.

Areas like Puerto Banus are considered as the most stylish and trendy as it is the place where you will find some of world’s expensive yachts moored in the harbour. Puerto Banus is also the place with shopping complex, multi-cuisine restaurants and a vibrant night life…all just at walking distance. Thus, it is obvious that the hotels and villas in Puerto Banus will be much costly than any other.

On the other hand, you may find the rental of areas of San Pedro Alcantara and Marbella inland slightly lower in comparison to the seaside zone or those apartments in Marbella Golden Mile. Unless you are not in need of such high-end luxury villa or beach hotel it’s better to settle with any other apartment or hotel in Marbella.

Facilities and service with Marbella accommodation

All Marbella hotels and villas are tastefully decorated to a very high standard with all kinds of service and amenities. To compliment the image of this stylish Costa del Sol town, many beachside hotels and luxury villas in Marbella provides a wide range of facilities, including water sports, pools, and tennis courts, among others.

Even those who want to enjoy the outside adventure may go for campsites in Marbella. While some are barren lands some offer fully equipped cabins and tents to your comfort with lots of facilities. If you are planning a family holiday with your kids, it’s better to book luxury hotel or villa, else a campsite or beachside holiday is very much fine for those who are more interested in activities and exploring the areas of Marbella.

Image Credit: Marbella Hotel Guadalpin

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