Aida Gomez: The Face of Flamenco

Born in Madrid in 1967, Aida Gomez is one of the most known faces in the Spanish ballet and flamenco world. With many national and international honour and recognition to her credit, Aida Gomez is regarded as one of world’s greatest flamenco dancers.

At the mere age of 12 she obtained an honorary graduation in Spanish classical dance that showed her passion towards dance, and also for someone who saw ‘dance’ as a motivation to life and not just a career option.

Although Gomez learned all kinds of Spanish traditional/classical dance styles in the initial stage, she became more inclined towards flamenco because of the freedom of expression and also because of the unique rhythmic combination with guitar and vocals in this form of dance.

At fourteen, she joined the National Ballet Company under the guidance of Antonio El Bailarín and performed many leading roles. She also starred alongside the great Antonio Gades in a popular play “Bodas de Sangre” (or Blood Wedding).

In 1989 she played the character of “Doña Inés” in the ballet “Don Juan”, written by Miguel Narros with choreography by Jose Antonio. In the same year Aida Gomez also participated in the Antonia Merce – La Argentina – centenary celebration held at the Teatro Maria Guerrero in Madrid.

Besides, she has also performed with some of the greatest names in Flamenco while touring different parts of the world, before she was appointed as the Artistic Director by the Spanish Ministry of Culture in 1997. This makes her the youngest ever Director of the National Ballet.

She later made her own dance company with self-choreographed production, and the documentary film directed by Carlos Saura on the making of “Salome” also awarded her the Best Artistic Contribution prize at the Montreal International Film Festival.

Whether it’s the tragic tale “Salome” or the tale of betrayal “Carmen”, Gomez’s dance truly represents human emotions with some unique dance techniques those identify herself among other flamenco dancers.

With her immense artistic contribution, Gomez is not only a celebrated face in the Spanish flamenco dance scene but also in the performing arts community across the world. Her dance company, with dancers and musicians, today travels all across the world performing and promoting this vigorous and rhythmic dance form of flamenco.

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