Alexander Shorokhoff Luxury Watch Launch in Puerto Banus

Alexander Shorokhoff Russian Luxury Watches will launch their new 2011 collection in Gómez y Molina in Puerto Banús, the most prestigious jeweller’s on the Costa del Sol on Friday, December 17th from 19:00 hours with Alexander Shorokhoff  himself in attendance.

The event commemorates the first anniversary of the brand entry in the Spanish market through the company CI & R, the exclusive brand importer in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Andorra and Gibraltar.

During the launch, the latest pieces from the collections by Alexander Pushkin and Fedor Dostoievski will be shown. Also Leo Tolstoy and Kostya Tszyu cronographs will be on show and the unique Peter Tchaikovsky watches, which include musical alarm functions that are especially useful for travelers.

About Alexander Shorokhoff Watches:

The Muscovite engineer Alexander Shorokhoff, recognized as one of the top eight European watchmakers, will reveal personally the secrets of his chronographs and watches, which combine luxury, craftwork and technology in an absolutely perfect assembly, hand made in Germany. The production is very short, in many cases with series limited to only 25 units.

The watches for Women from Alexander Pushkin’s collection are considered as Haute Watchmaking. Alexander Shorokhoff has created “a classic piece, but not too much” according to his words. They combine the beauty of Russian craft and the finished quality guaranteed by the label “Hand made in Germany“.

The assembly of each clock requires 10 days in technical work and each unit goes beyond a 500 hours performance test.

The Muscovite engineer has placed the wheel of the Fedor Dostoevsky pieces in an unusual position: right on the 12th hour, so it does not put discomfort on the customer, and he has reproduced a casino-roulette in the back. This latest work is made entirely by hand and complements the tribute to Dostoevsky through an essential book of literature: “The Player.”

The collection includes mechanical watches, automatic, Skeleton, 3D and chronographs, always with spectacular spheres.

For more information on Alexander Shorokhoff watches, please call: +34 914 342 081 / +34 951 272 281/ +34 629 051 913 or email:

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