Arboretum Marbella – 150, 000 Steps to Make Their Dream a Reality

AulaEnvironmental charity Arboretum Marbella has announced an ambitious new project to build the first building in Marbella and the first classroom in Andalucía made using the principles of bio construction. Known as the “DOMO CONFIANZA” (Dome of Trust), this 140m2 structure will be made of 100% local and natural materials such as cane, clay, stones and natural fibres. This stunning and environmentally friendly building will be used as an open classroom where they can give their workshops, courses and educational sessions on environmental issues and will help them to accommodate nearly 8,000 visitors which they receive each year.

It will be made up of 8,200 canes and will take a team of 16 skilled ecological builders two months to build. Whilst the charity has been working hard to source most of the materials for free and this method of bio construction costs half the price of normal building methods, the works will cost the charity 71.388 euros and they are launching an innovative way to raise the required funds.

Arboretum’s Director Alejandro César Orioli will be taking part in the Marbella 4Days Walking event between 9th and 12th of October and walking 120 kilometres dressed as a tree. He is asking individuals and companies to sponsor his steps for 0.20€ per step in order to raise 30,000€ to go towards the building project.

Each step is around 0.8 meters so the team has calculated there are 1,259 steps per kilometre and 150,000 steps to complete his 120km route. They are asking people to give generously to make their dream a reality via the website

The campaign is in collaboration with Marbella 4Days Walking which promotes a more sustainable form of tourism via their different routes throughout Marbella and is supported by Marbella Town Hall which is trying to create a more sustainable city.

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