Arboretum Marbella organizes the Costa del Sols first Gratiferia

IMG_0316smlIn May, Arboretum Marbella will organize the first market on the Costa del Sol where everything is free. The name GRATIFERIA combines the Spanish words Gratis (free) and Feria (festival/market) to create a whole new event concept.

This event will be held at Arboretum Marbella on Sunday 6th May from 11am to 3pm. Entrance is free and everyone can come and acquire new things without paying a penny. Bring along things you don’t want and take away things you do, the perfect credit crunch event!

The Director of Arboretum, Alejandro Orioli, explains, “The idea behind this event is that most of us are lucky enough to have more things than we really need. We can help the planet, other people and ourselves by attending GRATIFERIA along with our unwanted items and picking up things that we want from others. This way we help to minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing by reducing the need for manufacturing new products and help those who may not be able to afford something they really want for themselves or their family.”

The motto of GRATIFERIA is “Because giving is Free”. Visitors can bring what they want (or nothing at all) and take what they want. It is all about sharing without thinking about what you will get back. It isn’t a barter system, there’s no registration or monetary value allocated to any of the products. Bring what you want and take what you want! This is an opportunity to bring nice, useful items which we don’t use and don’t want to keep and find new homes for them where they will be used and appreciated.

To donate items to the market, come to Arboretum Marbella between 8.30 and 10.45 the day of the event to bring your items or just leave your donations at the table upon arrival. At 11.00 it will be open to the public.


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