Artisan Orange Blossom Honey

For all gastronomes, choosing an authentic honey from the Spanish food market is not that easy. The rugged countryside of Spain is home to a variety of honey with distinct flavour. And this very particular fragrant and delicate orange blossom honey is must for your breakfast table.

Spanish honey gets its flavour from the flowers that the bees visit. Although you will find many products in typical small jars, all are not of the best quality. La Tienda shop brings you this artisan Spanish orange blossom honey from the rural areas of Spain.

Quality of Orange Blossom Honey

With deep golden colour, this jar of orange blossom honey has a pleasing and typical fragrant aroma. Its charming handmade container is a testament to the meticulous care given by its artisan producers.

  • Made with fragrant orange blossoms
  • Handcrafted and packaged
  • 100% Natural

Used in Spain for the production of the delicious and historic Turron candy, orange blossom honey is a versatile, world-wide favourite with breakfast or tea.

You may even ask for many other varieties of Spanish honey such as: rosemary, lavender and heather bushes, as well as orange and almond trees, all lending deep, intense flavours to the honey La Tienda offers.


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