Autonomoplus from CCG

AutonomoplusWith the name “Autonomoplus”, CCG – a leading firm of accountants, tax, legal and HR specialists in Spain – provides professional accounting solutions for the self-employed.

Two years ago, the company that has been quite active among Spanish business community both at local and state level launched Autonomoplus – a specially designed accounting and tax service for self employed individuals working in Spain (Autonomos).

Although the Autonomoplus clients are self employed, this special service from CCG brings all kinds of business assistance to their doorstep on demand.

Autonomoplus Package

To celebrate Autonomoplus’s birthday, CCG is now having a special offer until December 31st at a package of 65 Euros (plus VAT per month, a substantial 30% savings) that includes:

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Quarterly and Annual Tax Returns
  • Personal Autonomoplus advisor
  • Welcome gift

Call today on +34 952 765 899 to speak with Carlos Jimenez about how you can benefit from Autonomoplus and also learn more about our accounting, legal and payroll services.

* Previously known as KSi Costa Consulting Group, CCG provides the structures and resources of an international organisation within the Spanish market place and to an extent works for the integration of local business in international market.

For further information on CCG and any other service, you may send an e-mail to or visit

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