Beach Boost Costa del Sol (Spring 2013)

We have a great pleasure to invite you and your business friends to participate Beach Boost Costa del Sol (Spring 2013) in AndaluciaLab and Elviria Beach, Marbella, Spain, 22.-25.04.2013. You can participate in BEACHBOOST® either full program or just one evening or anything in between just as you like!

BEACHBOOST® growth entrepreneurship event offers a totally new and refreshing networking and matchmaking concept. BEACHBOOST® is a platform for high vision entrepreneurs and those representing diverse private resources of growth to meet each others. It´s definitely not only the money but speaking in terms of investments we are targeting our event to seed and angel rounds (investments of 0-0,5 M€) as well as “Series A and B” funding (0,5-3,5 M€).


Entrepreneurs (great ideas, start-ups and veterans), investors (moneymen and wiseguys), professionals (as team members), service providers (as partners) – with bold vision, talent, spirit and passion and ready to exceed all the limits. Spanish, ex-patriots and European, no matter if even further – we are global and we are local y Españoles no se preocuben porque hablamos Español tambien!


One hell of a ride, money, a journey of a lifetime and a good family! Within becoming years our aim together with our local and international partners is to grow Beach Boost Costa del Sol as a major international growth entrepreneurship event organized twice per year. Still it´s not just BEACHBOOST® but series of events and services we are creating around Ambrosia Professionals in the near future – it will be a whole private ecosystem and we are proud to be able to offer you the opportunity to join the party from the very beginning!


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Petri Hirvimäki

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