Buying a Spanish Guitar in Granada

Spanish Classical GuitarSpanish guitar trail in one of the famous medieval cities of Andalucia—Granada, in southern Spain, is all amazing, while you discover the history of the region and its association with one of this enduring musical instruments ‘guitar’.

So the next time you are in Granada, Spain, make sure to visit some of its local shops– selling classical guitar and also those expensive handmade concert guitar. For both guitar makers and guitarists around the globe, Granada has its own place on the top.

It’s all legend when we talk about Flamenco dance, music and its deep-rooted relationship with guitar as the key instrument to tempt your feet to compliment flamenco dancers. Of course for many, Madrid may be the first choice to buy the finest quality Spanish guitar, but Guitars have been made in Granada as long as anywhere.

Just take the streets of this amazingly beautiful medieval town to explore some magnificent Moorish monuments – not to miss the Arabic palace “La Alhambra” – and also an opportunity to pluck the right string of any handmade Spanish guitar.

If you love music, play guitar or just know few chords in your early childhood, it is certain that you will find yourself hooked to all those again, just seeing those magical Flamenco guitar and Spanish classical guitar.

There are various types of guitars are available, and if you know the basics you may land for a better deal. However, given your interest, the shop owner may even guide you to buy the best one.

Just to make few things clear to your understanding, whenever you are buying a classical guitar make sure you go for a Spanish guitar with a solid top rather than those of laminated plywood. Guitar with solid top and side costs more, but those are of the highest quality.

Spanish guitars are made of different kinds of woods such as mahogany, sapelle, mongoy and rosewood. Even if you don’t know much about guitars, go for hard rosewood or a Spanish guitar with solid cedar top; these are reasonable cheap.

Flamenco guitar are more suited to flamenco music with a fiery tempo and fluidity. Compared to Spanish classical guitar, flamenco guitar is typically thinner and the body and the body shallower. You will also find the strings of flamenco guitars set lower to facilitate faster action. Flamenco guitars are traditionally made from cypress and spruce wood.

Thus, the next time you are in Granada or Andalucia… don’t forget to visit few traditional guitar shops. And you are a guitar player or love music, it’s very certain that you might end up buying one classic Spanish guitar.

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