CAC Malaga to Exhibit Contemporary Artist Luc Tuymans

The Contemporary Art Centre of Málaga (CAC Malaga) is exhibiting the works of contemporary artist and one of the most influential and admired European artists today – Luc Tuymans – until the 4th of September.

Retratos y vegetación is the first solo exhibition to be held in Spain by Luc Tuymans and covers a selection of 16 oil paintings of different sizes that reveal the technique that has made Tuymans a key reference point for a new generation of figurative artists for whom painting is the optimum means of expression, contrary to those who still consider it a conservative one that contradicts the heterogeneous nature of contemporary art.

Tuymans’s produces work with a sense of tension and angst that unsurprisingly disturbs the viewer such as the Holocaust and the dramatic events of September 11 or the politics of the Belgian Congo. Retratos y vegetación has been organised with the collaboration of the Flemish Representation.

Luc Tuymans:

Considered one of the most influential painters working today, Luc Tuymans first aroused interest in the year 2000 with his series of political paintings titled Mwana Kitoko (“beautiful boy”), which take themes out of the state visit of King Baudouin of Belgium in the Congo in the 1950’s. The most noted painting was of the king himself in his white military uniform.

Working with film and more recently printmaking, Luc Tuymans has a great interest and passion with translating his images through mass media where many of his images (which are often based on film stills or photographs) appear blurry and camouflaged after being re-photographed until the detail has almost vanished.

For more information on the Luc Tuymans exhibition, please call: +34 952 12 00 55 or email:

CAC Malaga
C/ Alemania, s/n
29001 Malaga


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