Cake Marbella. Birthday Cake Bliss!

cake-marbella-smallIt was my daughter Olivia’s birthday last week, she was 4 years old and we decided we would celebrate it at Kidz Kingdom with 17 of her little school friends.

Yes….oh joy.

Kidz Kingdom by the way is a fantastic massive indoor jungle gym where you can let the kids roam free without any worries and relax a little bit and enjoy a drink or some real good nosh.

They can run and jump to their hearts content. Its really kid friendly and the perfect destination for a few hours on a weekend afternoon or bank holiday.

(more about Kidz Kingdom here)

The Birthday Cake – where do we get a decent one?

One thing we had to do was try and find a birthday cake because last year we got one from a local baker and quite frankly it was miserable, their idea of a birthday cake was a few levels below ours.

This year we thought we would make a little effort in arranging something nice. We checked out Goyo and El Corte Ingles and the offering were pretty awful. Actually El Corte Ingles was not too bad, they have a little book you can choose from whereas Goyo however, I have never seen such a bunch of under motivated people. Its as if they never made a birthday cake before. Goyo, Thumbs down 100% for you!

Enter Google and Cake Marbella
So I cranked up Google and we found a few sites but the one that most caught our eye was They had a real nice selection of cakes and cupcakes and we found their approach a little more friendly too.

I called Mark, the owner of Cake Marbella on the bank holiday Monday, just a few days before the birthday, he picked up the phone straight away and was very pleasant with me and we agreed that I would send over in an email with what I wanted.

I did want to have a couple of custom items like a picture of the Disney princesses, some stars with “happy birthday olivia” on them and some number fours, so I sent my request over to Mark who replied back shortly after saying it was all no problem and the cake would be there next Saturday afternoon and reassured me not to worry.

Well, the cake arrived on time and was was exactly as I wanted it and Olivia and her friends were over the moon. It did not last long I can tell you.


So, if you are looking for a birthday cake with a difference then look no further than Cake Marbella.

I should point out, Cake Marbella does not only make kids cakes, they make all kinds of cakes including wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, you think of it, they can make it.

Please visit Marks web site at or call Mark or Jen direct on 678 167 454

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