‘Marbella’s trip to NYC was a successful one’

Laura Stanbridge, the Group Managing Director of CCG, in an e-mail release highlighted the constant effort of many in taking Marbella to NYC, when on March 24th Marbella Mayor Angeles Munoz rang the closing bell at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange Headquarters.This certainly holds significance in the promotion of tourism and investment in the region, and...
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Marbella to integrate local and int’l business

Looking at the magnitude of tourism in Marbella and the business related, the City Council, through the municipal delegation of Tourism, has launched an advisory group to advance economic development. Named the “Think Tank Advisory Group”, efforts will be made to facilitate business in cooperation with international trade possibilities.With...
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How to Setup a Business in Spain – FREE Seminar

The seminar is free of charge but places are limited to 22 attendees.To secure your place please e-mail immediately to:cade.marbella@andaluciaemprende.esThe deadline to subscribe is 17th February 2010. However, it is advisable to respond quickly due to the limited amount of places available.Thank you in advance for your interest and we hope to meet...
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Spanish Tax Dates 2010

Thank you to the team at CCG for sending this 2010 spanish tax calendarContact CCG on:info@ccgspain.comwww.ccgspain.comTelephone: +34 902 486 000 2010 MOST FREQUENTTAX FILING DATES DESCRIPTION 10 January: This is usually the last day  to submit your documents20 January: Final filing dateIRPF – Professional &...
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Corruption is Drowning Spain

Well it has finally come to pass – the full extent of corruption in Spain is being openly discussed and debated by leading media commentators – on 1 November ABC, Spain’s leading centre newspaper, published a comprehensive report on corruption throughout Spain with the front page headline:“Corruption is Drowning Spain” (http://www.abcdesevilla.es/20091101/nacional-politica/corrupcion-ahoga-espana-200911010755.html)I...
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Marbella Technology Park & Job Market

Technology or industrial parks are tools and means provided by any government in promotion of small and medium scale enterprises with an aim to endorse overall growth by attracting foreign investment and creating job opportunities. Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (PTA) in Malaga is just an example how the business complex has created job opportunities...
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Upcoming Marbella Technology Park & Property Market

The success of the Andalucía Technology Park (Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía) in Malaga has now prompted the regional authority to open new but similar state-of-the-art facilities to promote business activities in and around the coastal resort town Marbella.However, one of the best parts of the proposed project is that it will act as a catalyst...
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