Slender, Salted Largueta Almonds

Spaniards love dry fruits such as almonds and nuts a lot which is very much evident with their extensive use in various local cuisines. The Largueta is a favorite Spanish almond with a richer and more intense flavour.Quite close to the celebrated Marcona almond, the Largueta is much crunchier and lower in fat. These toasted and quality almonds, seasoned...
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Roasted & Toasted Largueta Almonds

Spanish Largueta Almonds, the winner of 2005 London Great Tastes Award, are a late ripening almond and almost similar to the lower-fat cousins of the famous Marcona almond.Sold in a jar, these toasted and salted Caramel Glazed Largueta Almonds are known for their heightened almond flavour and added crunchiness. Although Marcona almonds in particular...
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Gourmet Marcona Almonds

The shorter and rounder shape Marcona Almonds are sweeter and delicate in texture than any other almonds available in the market. Originated from Spain, the delicious Marcona almonds are a runaway favorite among food lovers.They are smooth and crunchy with an incomparably sweet delicate taste. Our Marcona almonds are size 16+ – the largest grade...
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