Sliced Salchichon Iberico de Bellota

The sliced spicy Salchichon Bellota-grade hard sausage pack of 40 x 100g is a great addition to the delicious list of Spanish sausages available in the food market. This particular bellota sausage is made from the native black-footed pigs fed on acorns.Scrumptiously spicy, these Salchichon pork sausages are delivered to you by the producer Pedro Lancho...
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Sliced Lomo Iberico by Pedro Lancho

Among varied Spanish Iberico pork products, Lomo Iberico is one of the finest in the list and some may even argue it’s superiority to the famous Spanish Jamon itself. This acorn-infused pork loin is marinated and traditionally dry-cured before coming to the market.These particular sliced packs (20X100gm) of Lomo Iberico is cured with salt, garlic...
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Sliced Iberico de Bellota

Here is your favourite Bellota ham – Iberico de Bellota, sliced and ready to serve your palate. This particular ten 200 gram packs of sliced bellota meat contain 50 grams each of jamon, chorizo, lomo and salchichon from the renowned Spanish ham producer Pedro Lancho.Bellota-grade meats have always been popular and these sliced Iberico Bellota ham...
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