Salmon Stuffed Manzanilla Olives

Here is jar full of excellent Manzanilla olives from Sevilla enhanced with a distinct touch of salmon. This one of Ybarra’s most popular combinations other than lemon, garlic and cheese stuffed olives.Originally grown in the Aljarife region of southeast Sevilla province, these are the finest quality of olives produced in Spain. Aljarife Manzanilla...
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Garlic Stuffed Manzanilla Olives by Ybarra

If you are addicted to garlic stuffed olives, you should give this item of Ybarra a try for its deliciousness and inimitable zest. The producer handpicks green Manzanilla olives from Sevilla, fill those with fresh garlic, and soak in brine to bring a unique taste.A dash of garlic paste certainly adds a delightful accent to these excellent local Spanish...
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Cheese Stuffed Olives by Ybarra

Ybarra, the well-known olive producer in Spain, brings this traditional Manzanilla olives stuffed with a mild white cheese which perfectly complements its to the salty flavor in olives.These cheese stuffed olives, packed in a small glass jar, are perfect for a   light hors d’oeuvre along with some almonds and pico bread sticks.Produced by the...
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Lemon Stuffed Olives by Ybarra

Ybarra offers you Manzanilla olives with a touch of lemon and garlic. This premium quality Manzanilla olive from Sevilla is considered amongst the most popular Spanish olives.Stuffed with lemon peel and just a touch of garlic as a seasoning, this flavour combination works very well and we are sure you will enjoy the unique taste!Ybarra OlivesThe...
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Almond Stuffed Olives by Ybarra

Traditionally sold in jars and cans, olives have always been a major component of the gastronomy along the Mediterranean. It’s the processing method, the region where they are cultivated, and the olive variety which sets the uniqueness from one to other.Other than whole olives, stuffed olives are available everywhere in Spain and other regions of...
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