Sixt Car Rental Marbella – Very Dissapointed

This by the way is my way of a complaint at my dissatisfaction of the sixt car rental in marbella. I am very disappointed at the service there. They have totally spoilt my day today.I was very excited to be going to a wedding in Huelva with my wife the weekend of 16/7/2011. We were dropping our kids off at our friends on saturday morning then setting...
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Paradores – Historic accommodations in Spain

Paradores are uniquely renovated palaces, castles and monasteries across Spain, which were commissioned by the Spanish government in the early 20th century. These add more charm to your stay in any historic cities of Andalucia or other regions of Spain.The buildings of paradores were converted to make convenient stopping places across the country –...
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Andalucia Plaza Hotel, Marbella

A holiday in Costa del Sol provides you ample opportunities to relax and be pampered in a number classy restaurant and bars. Andalucía Plaza Hotel, located in just 2 kilometres from the famous Puerto Banus marina, is one of the preferred hotels among visitors to explore their travel exposition while enjoying the luxury and magnificent surroundings.The...
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La Villa Marbella

Great location, comfortable accommodation, exceptional service, wonderful staff and an exotic holiday; all go with this incredible boutique hotel in Marbella. Located in the beautiful and historic landmark- the Old Town, the hotel represents an oasis of glamour with classic accommodation to catch visitors’ attention.As the resort town is known for...
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Cake Marbella. Birthday Cake Bliss!

It was my daughter Olivia’s birthday last week, she was 4 years old and we decided we would celebrate it at Kidz Kingdom with 17 of her little school friends.Yes….oh joy.Kidz Kingdom by the way is a fantastic massive indoor jungle gym where you can let the kids roam free without any worries and relax a little bit and enjoy a drink or some...
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Ocean Club Marbella

Marbella has many beach clubs, but one of the largest and probably the most visited is the Ocean Club, located on the first line beach in the heart of Puerto Banús.With a splendid set up amid a pleasing surroundings, the club is on the list of prime attractions in a trip to Marbella.Moreover, the scenic beauty and the fancy lifestyle, undoubtedly,...
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Review of the Sol Meliá Atlanterra Hotel in Zahara de los Atunes, Cadiz

 Ester and I decided that it would be nice to maybe go down to Cadiz and stay in a hotel for the weekend whilst the little one was off with her grandparents in Puertollano.We had been down to Cadiz a couple of times in the past and were looking forward to it so we searched the internet and found some nice hotels but finally settled on the Sol...
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