Champagne Party at Ocean Club

The champagne party, hosted by the Ocean Club in Marbella on the last Sunday of each of the summer months, is nothing but a feast for all your senses with full of activities in an ambiance that illustrates the average lifestyle and image of a city like Marbella.

Ocean Club is certainly one luxurious beach club and the first rated open air club that best suits the trendiest partygoers. If you are in the Costa del Sol region of Spain and you love parting all day long, this is on the coast for an unforgettable party scene.

The Champagne Party in hot sunny atmosphere goes well along with funky music, drinks and delicious food those constitute main ingredients for an excellent party and simply the best way to spend the summer in style!

Music, dance and the spraying of champagne enliven the party scene as guests do their bits with tempered and crazy things while lying on those white beds alongside the pool. So, if you would like to witness or experience the zest of this grand event, the next on the card is on June 27th and July 25th.

To book a table or reserve a place for the Sunday Champagne Party, please call +34 952 908 137 or email:

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