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5 DinnersOur marbella people interview today is with Christine Zellén.

So Christine, What do you do for a living?

I have always been involved in the health and fitness world, during my childhood I was an active gymnast and later on became a personal trainer. I learned to value the importance of exercising correctly and above all I learned about the enormous influence that nutrition has on the quality of our daily life and our health.

What made you move to the Costa del Sol?

Because of my profession, I had the opportunity to live in big cities in Italy, Sweden, the United States and Spain. With those experiences I then came to the conclusion that the Costa del Sol really unites all the necessary conditions to achieve a very high quality of life.

Tell us your greatest business or personal accomplishment?

Professionally my highest accomplishment has been to improve the careers of high ranked sportsmen, thanks to suitable training and well balanced nutrition.

Personally my biggest accomplishment has been to be able to influence some of my client’s usual nutrition habits and to see how my advice drastically improves their health situation for the better.

Why would you recommend the Costa del Sol for business and Lifestyle?

I consider the Costa del Sol to be a perfect place to combine business and a comfortable lifestyle. The many different nationalities in this international community create more needs and therefore business opportunities arise. The people and their tourist friendly characters combined with the perfect climate make the Costa del Sol the place to be.

If you could change one thing about Spain, what would it be?

I have been happily living in Spain for many years now and I absolutely love it… I would not change a thing.

However with my new business venture I am trying to give the Spanish family (and all other nationalities on the coast) a chance to gain more free time and keep a well balanced, nutritious diet.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Responsible, optimistic and full of joy.

What is your favourite Restaurant and Why?

Restaurant Babilonia at Olivia de Valere’s lounge and nightclub. I recommend it for its breathtaking beauty, fresh produce and overall standard of service and glamour.

What is the last film you saw at the Cinema or DVD?

The King’s Speech

What advice would you give to someone moving to Spain?

To get swept away by all the wonderful things it has to offer and to make an effort to participate actively in the society so that both you and the Spanish get enriched. I would also recommend learning Spanish.

Name one other business you would recommend on the Costa Del Sol and why?

I think there are several interesting sectors when starting up a business on the Costa del Sol. Even though some businesses are struggling at the moment, there is always a great interest in everything that has to do with health, nutrition, well-being of both body and mind, and a more dynamic and rational use of our leisure time.

Shameless Self Promotion

5 DinnersI have just started a new business venture called 5 dinners with Christine (

I am very excited about it as this new business will give the people living and visiting the Costa del Sol a chance to live healthier and have an easier live.

With 5 dinners I plan and deliver only local produce of best ingredients along with exciting healthy and balanced recipes for 5 meals a week. This means that you will have both time and inspiration to cook healthy, balanced and varied food and have more time with your family.

This concept is already well known in other part of the worlds, and now I have launched it to the Spanish market starting off in Marbella and Fuengirola.

Please visit:

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