Christmas Shopping in Marbella

For those living in Marbella (or Costa del Sol region), Christmas (Navidad) season is one reason to do all shopping as their favourite pastime and also to be prepared for the festive days ahead in the month of December and January.

The tourism boom has made it quite easy for all to enjoy shopping in high-end shopping complexes with almost everything in it. The Christmas market is very huge in Spain, as in UK or any other European country.

It’s not mere Madrid or Barcelona; the Costa del Sol in Andalucia, southern Spain region has its own charm, where other than shopping malls there are these small traditional shops – selling specific things like clothes, shoes, music, books, food, wines, gifts, handicraft or jewellery.

However, it’s not all shopping, rather roaming around from one place to other, wondering through stores, and finally ending up with some window shopping. At least during Christmas you get a fair bit of idea on different products on sale.

Costa del Sol is such a place that even if you come out of your home just on a Sunday afternoon to stroll around, you end up buying a thing or two. During Christmas the local shops are decorated with colourful lights even before a couple of months before the festive season begins.

Shopping in Marbella Centre

Marbella City Centre is itself the nicest place to begin your shopping extravaganza. Decorated buildings, shop fronts and streets create a wonderful atmosphere to just take your time and enjoy your surroundings while indulging yourself in a spot of real shopping.

Christmas season in Spain certainly drives you to buy various things such as new interior pieces, children toys, home decorative lights, gift items, Christmas tree, etc. The Avenida Ricardo Soriano, city’s main artery, is lined up with many shops, fashion boutiques, restaurants, and cafes that offer a great Christmas shopping point.

Major Shopping Points

El Corte Ingles is the place where you will find almost everything and here as Christmas approaches, you literally have to line up for warping your gifts. Considered as the largest department store in Spain, the shopping centre has its branches in Puerto Banus and Fuengirola, too.

Among other large shopping points in Marbella, there is the Centro Comercial Marina Banus, another glitzy shopping mall, which offers the perfect fashion and style shopping experience in Marbella. And during Christmas, if you have money to spend, of course, this three story shopping complex with cinemas and restaurants is one of the best places to go for.

Besides, the La Canada commercial centre outside Marbella ring road is home to many luxurious stores selling everything from fashion to jewellery and home interior.

Nevertheless, the Marbella street markets further extend your Christmas shopping trip. Whether it’s the Old Town or street leading to the seaside, you will find a range of things with attractive prices, and where you can test your bargain skills. So, why not visit one of the said markets or streets to catch few things for your Christmas celebration.

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