Cochinillo Asado – Roasted Suckling Pig

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Roasted Suckling Pig (Cochinillo Asado) is one speciality from the region of Castilla y Leon certainly evokes your gastronomic senses with typical tender and juicy flavour.

Cochinillo, or suckling pig, is regarded as celebrated meal in central Spain. There you can easily taste this savoury dish in almost each restaurant, each roasted in a very traditional manner.

Cochinillo or suckling pig, as in Spanish gourmet tradition, is that the month old pig has fed only on mothers pig. And also the pig doesn’t weigh more than 3 kilo or 6 to 7 pounds.

The pig then roasted whole in traditional wood fire ovens with virgin olive oil. Today, cochinillo asado or suckling pig dish majors one of the prominent item in the menu of Castilian Spanish cuisine.

Buy the best quality Cochinillo

Of course, everyone can’t travel to Spain and still if you want to enjoy this dish fresh out of the asadores of Castilla y Leon, this vacuum-sealed package the gourmet distributor Cascajares is as good as it gets!

• Suckling pig roasted with virgin olive oil
• Spectacular main course dish for 4-6 people
• Marinated, roasted and vacuum sealed
• Box contains 1.9 kg roasted Cochinillo

A total of 1.9 kg of pork, representing both the front and back end, it’s enough to serve four to six people. Each piece has been marinated in its own juices and a golden virgin olive oil for a sweet taste with a crisp finish.

This dish is suitable for any occasion deserving of a spectacular feast. It is so tender that you can cut your cochinillo asado with a plate, the way they do in Segovia!

How to prepare Cochinillo Asado

Just remove the pieces and drain the oil well. Preheat the oven to 250º. Then, place the pieces on a tray on oven rack halfway up, with another tray underneath to collect the fat that is released. So, bake for 60 minutes.

As each oven is different, check that the skin is crisp by hitting it with a fork. If not yet crisp, continue baking until the skin crunches.