Depositing Loose Change into your Bank Account in Spain

For the last 10 years I have been putting all my loose change into my kids piggy banks and  have accumulated 5 large, chockablock full, piggy banks.

I opened a bank account for them here in Spain in order to deposit the proceeds of the piggy banks and have been informed that I simply cannot just dump a load of coins onto the bank teller’s counter, I need to put them into special little plastic rolls called “blisters”.

Just ask your local bank for “Blisters para moneda” and usually they will give them to you for free. There are outlets online where you can buy blisters, just type into the google: “Blisters para moneda” and you will get some results.

Here is a picture of what “blisters” look like.


Here is a picture of a blister containing €12.50 of 50 cent coins.


Each blister has the capacity and total value of the denominations as follows:

0.01 cts x 50 = 0.50 €
0.02 cts x 50 = 1.00 €
0.05 cts x 50 = 2.50 €
0.10 cts x 50 = 5.00 €
0.20 cts x 25 = 5.00 €
0.50 cts x 25 = 12.50 €
1 Euro x 25 = 25.00 €
2 Euros x 25 = 50.00 €

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