Dilemma in Choosing a School in Costa del Sol

While moving to Costa del Sol, parents always find themselves in a questioning hour whether to go for a public/state run school or any private school for their children. The concern is quite genuine considering an altogether different culture and environment of education.

Many of us might find it difficult to get into the Spanish state school because of the problem of learning Spanish language which is the primary medium of teaching.

Britons who move here to Costa del Sol, and whose children are already into the English medium school find this really tough to immerse them into a Spanish-speaking environment.

Students who are in the primary or secondary school curriculum and only speak their native language are better advised to be enrolled in any private international schools on the Costa del Sol. On the other hand, minor of just 3 or 4 years old are more flexible in getting into any medium.

Bilingual Schools on the Costa del Sol

Immigrants find it easy to opt for international school and there are few good in Marbella and on the entire Costa del Sol. However, these days Spaniards prefer send their children international schools with a bi-lingual tradition. Remember, UK doesn’t have a bilingual method of teaching.

Looking at the complexity of expatriate parents, international schools in Marbella or any part of the Costa del Sol are now accessible by both native as well as expat community by teaching school curriculum in two languages: English and Spanish. This is indeed the best way to expose your child to both languages.

Shift in Culture and Language

When you come to Spain you are coming out of your circle of friends and family who speak your native language. So, to understand a culture, which is totally foreign, it becomes imperative for parents to enrol their children in Spanish language classes.

Even parents are also advised to learn Spanish which helps them in communicating with teachers as well their kids in imparting self confidence. Moreover, bilingual education is very much in practice all over the world, and it’s always rewarding in learning any global language other than your native, both academic as well as cultural integration.

Private Schooling on the Costa del Sol

Although private schooling is expensive in comparison to Spanish state schools, most of these schools come with a host of impressive facilities in terms of learning and extracurricular activities. However, the most important thing is that they follow the British National curriculum, for example the British school of Marbella.

English curriculum is quite common throughout the world and hence easily acceptable. In Marbella alone you will find as many as six international private schools and all promises the same education standard.

Other than emphasizing on English National Curriculum, international schools also put emphasizes on extracurricular and Spanish language programme for the overall development of the student.


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