Diversidad Art Exhibition at Hospital Antequera 


Inauguration: 18.00 h 16th January.

Andalusian International Artists (AIA) at Hospital Antequera 

The AIA are displaying their artworks at Hospital Antequera between the 16 January 2012 and 15 April, 2012, daily. 

The AIA is privileged to display artworks at Hospital Antequera in the public areas.

Close collaboration with the Andalusian International Artists Group has resulted in 13 of their members’ work being selected for this prestigious show. 

The artists are:

  • Juan Cruz Plaza from Spain. 

  • Diana Worthy, Richard Wood, Gordon Haslett, Olivia Garner and Nalini Shanti Cook from the UK; 

  • Roger Cummiskey, Dolores Cummiskey and Philip Magee from Ireland; 

  • Mette B Madsen from Denmark; 

Eleazar Galea from Malta; 

  • Arcadio Cabrera and Roger Rodriguez Ayala from Cuba;

Exhibition organizer Javier Fuentes Gomez said, “I am delighted with the very professional approach from the AIA group and believe that their artists will substantially contribute to the ambiance of the hospital with this exciting exhibition. The artworks on display are all of very different subject matters but all with the same aim which is to reflect on the artist’s view of the world, sometimes entering into the realms of fantasy”. 

The AIA was formed seven years ago by professional and dedicated visual artists from around the World. The Group’s objectives are to encourage members to promote their work, enhance their knowledge, assist them in their careers and to promote the best standards as artists between people form diverse backgrounds.

Further information is available from their web site on www.aia-artgroup.com




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