Diververano: Marbella fun summer school

Marbella’s Municipal Delegation of Social Welfare (Delegacion Municipal de Bienestar Social) has announced to launch a fun summer school in the Multipurpose Community Centre of Nueva Andalucia.

This is a fun summer-school education activity designed for boys and girls from 3-12 years, to be held during the months of July and August.

As a part of the larger municipal programme- Marbella Ano Social 2010, the initiative aims to impart various fundamental skills to children of the municipality.

Diververano includes activities for child development and social skills, tolerance, coexistence and self-esteem, inter alia, through games and activities such as swimming, theatre, crafts, cooking workshop, English, and sports, which will be complemented with a morning classroom and canteen service.

Children will have great opportunity to learn various things while playing and making best use of their time in the summer months.  If you want your child to attend this summer school, please contact the Deptt. of Social Welfare (Municipal de Bienestar Social).

For more information, you may contact the municipal body by calling in +34 626 521 352 and +34 629 279 363.

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