Do you want to be a Mystery Shopper? (and get paid too!)

RE_2010_LogoRetail Eyes, specialists in customer experience in the retail, leisure and hospitality sector, is encouraging people to consider mystery shopping to top up their salary.

Mystery shopping allows people to take part in the shopping and leisure activities they enjoy, while earning some extra cash. Plus, it’s easy to fit into the normal routine, as all assignments can be completed in a lunch hour, at evenings or weekends.

Retail Eyes pays people to go shopping on the high street, visit pubs, eat in restaurants and even stay in luxury hotels. The mystery shopper simply has to answer a short web-based questionnaire based on their experience. Mystery shoppers are reimbursed for their purchases and can be paid anything up to €60 for taking part.

In order for retailers and shopping centres to remain competitive and attract and retain customers they must provide a high level of customer service. This is where Retail Eyes and its mystery shoppers play a vital role. Every retailer or service provider strives to offer the consumer a high quality experience, from first contact right through to after-sales support. The most effective way of achieving this is to seek out honest feedback from their customers and not rely on assumptions conjured up in the lofty heights of the corporate boardroom.

Simon Boydell, Marketing Manager for Retail Eyes said: “The appeal for our mystery shoppers is not only being paid to go shopping, eat out at a restaurant or stay the night in a hotel, but also to give retailers the feedback they need to improve their service.”

“As the economy continues to grow, and consumers are spending money again, retailers are keen to take advantage of this and attract more customers to their stores and venues. The power of customer feedback and the mystery shopper is immense. It is by far the best way to assess service, as mystery shoppers give honest feedback about their shopping experiences so retailers and service providers can ensure they are offering the best service. ”

People may have heard about mystery shopping before but never known how to get involved. Well, it’s a simple enough process with Retail Eyes and it’s completely free. All a prospective mystery shopper needs to do is visit and complete a short form. They will then be notified via email of the mystery shopping assignments that are available in their area.

About Retail Eyes Mystery Shopping

Launched in the UK in 2003 and Spain in 2011, Retail Eyes is the leading provider of customer experience improvement programmes. The company offers bespoke solutions to improve the customer experience of its clients through a portfolio of high quality services. These include:

  • re:visit is a unique and bespoke mystery shopping programmes to excite and inspire its clients to give an effective level of customer service.
  • re:connect offers customer satisfaction surveys to enable clients to gain feed back to measure and manage improving their customer loyalty.
  • re:confirm is about working with brands and retailers to improve POS display compliance, stock availability, measuring store standards, front and back of house assessments and ensuring POS makes it onto the shop floor and is displayed to maximise return on investment.
  • re:view is Retail Eyes’ own, bespoke, in-house technology that offers advanced research and insight systems that allow clients to re:view customer satisfaction results through a live and real time, online analysis report.

In Spain Retail Eyes works with SSP, who operate food outlets at airports and rail stations.

For more information about Retail Eyes and its unique customer experience improvement programmes please visit

For media enquiries please contact Mick Thorburn 950 453 340 or email


For media enquiries please contact Mick Thorburn 950 453 340 or email

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