Environment & Tourism Real Estate Fair in Marbella

In order to raise awareness of the environment, the Palacio de Congresos de Marbella is hosting the first Environment and Tourism Real Estate Fair in Costa del Sol, scheduled between days July 21 and July 25. This has been planned in a large scale and hence expected to attract a good number of participants.

As per the details from the Town Hall website, the event will feature more than 35 companies participating with exhibitors and it is expected that special initiatives like competition, tour ideas and a series of lectures will receive an attendance of between four and five thousand people in its very first edition.

Jose Luis Hernandez, the Councillor for Tourism, in a press statement stated that the fair comes at a good time with positive expectations, following the adoption of General Plan and also the idea to emphasize and reinforce Marbella position in the field of residential tourism.

Pablo Moro, councillor for Town Planning, also emphasized on the adoption of PGOU in the town planning which certainly reiterates the fact that Marbella again be a great opportunity for any investment initiative- strategic projects for the development or new services and infrastructures in the city.

Unlike other trade shows, it’s been highlighted that the fair features various contests of ideas, a series of lectures, and a series of tours to raise awareness of the environment, as one of the core objectives of the programme.

The exhibition will have two sections: one for professional meeting (design competition, lecture series, laboratory of ideas, virtual agenda and work shop) and the other to the general public which includes exhibition, advice for foreign tour operators, etc.). The fair will be limited to professionals in a first phase (July 21 and 22) and open to the general public from July 23 to 25.

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