Estepona Feria July 2010

The annual Estepona ferias and fiestas, in honour of the Virgen del Carmen, will take place between the 6th and 11th July with daytime events in the centre and night-time festivities at the Caniquiqui fairground.

The weeklong festival consists of a day fair and a night fair with a range of activities full of colour and festive fervor. The town is filled with music, dance, folklore and streets shows.

On the streets, you will witness large number of carriages and horsemen while all women, men and children flaunting in their colorful attire with full of joy and happiness.

Both in the day and night, locals and visitors alike try their best in enjoying the most in the whole of week by visiting different points of the town, meeting friends at cafes, clubs and bars, while the nights -illuminated with electric lights- attracts thousands of visitors to outdoor pavilions and fairground for a variety of activities.

Estepona annual fair and ferias is also the best time to take taste of some of the finest traditional Andalusian cuisines to satisfy each and every one of their interest.

* The traditional Andalucia fishing port Estepona is situated between Marbella and Gibraltar. It is some 24km from the Costa del Sol resort town Marbella and can easily be reached by a good road network. A picturesque surrounding, beautiful beaches and a mild climate all the year round make it an interesting holiday destination.

Image Credit: [Official Estepona Town Hall website]

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