Excursion from Marbella to Ojen

Seating behind Marbella (just 10km), Ojen is a small Andalusian white village town which many tourists find as one of the famous stopovers on their way from Marbella to Monda. You will find this fascinating village, blessed with Mediterranean climate, as the best place of retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the Coast.

In fact, the municipality of Ojen – lies between the Sierra Blanca and Sierra Alpujata ranges – is well-developed to cater the growing needs of tourists. It’s proximity to sea and tourist friendly resorts like Marbella and Mijas makes it the preferred excursion point from the Coast.

Things to Do in Ojen

As a typical mountain village, Ojen offers an extreme holiday walking adventure in terms of trekking and hiking pathways. Adventure tour enthusiasts choose this as their walking route from Costa del Sol while enjoying its scenic landscape and the same typical Mediterranean weather.

Well, as you are travelling from the most developed Coastal town Marbella, this one in particular will catch your senses with all- but natural surroundings and traditional Spanish lifestyle. Over the years, with considerable developments and nothing unnecessary, Ojen has successfully placed itself in the Costa del Sol tourism map.

A walk through the narrow streets of Ojen, particularly the lanes of the old quarter, will give you the right impression of Andalusian Pueblos Blancos. As far as travel attractions are concerned there might not many but the few including the Lady Incarnation Church and the Museo El Molino are worth of your time.

Colours of Ojen White Village

Ojen may not be the typical Andalusian white villages rest in the hills of Ronda, yet its tranquillity and scenic beauty certainly sets it apart from the more crowded coastal strip.

The Plaza de Andalusia which considered as the heart of the village truly represents all colours of life in Ojen when on warm evenings the tapas bars gets crowded with families and friends.

And don’t forget to try the local wine, as in past the town was well-known for its production of Aguardiente, anise liquor that many Spaniards still drink with their morning coffee.

On the whole, Ojen is a gem located within the heart of the Sierra de las Nieves Mountains. The village from the top offers splendid views of the mountains and valleys that lead down to the sea.

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