Fashion in Cútar Past and Present (La moda en Cútar de ayer y de hoy)

MODA-poster-small-vsThe latest show at Galería Cutarte is a fascinating look at changing fashions in the pueblo from the late 19th century to the present day.

A wonderful display of photographs and items of clothing loaned by people from the community show that some things are timeless – the styles of men´s suits, for example, have changed little over the last hundred years.

With women´s fashions and hair styles however, it´s much easier to spot the changes – even when money was scarce, young women especially were keen to keep up with the times. Clothes for all ages are now much more colourful and informal – and people feel freer to experiment and create their own personal style.

Of course fashion is not always visible….. one entertaining exhibit shows that what people wear under their clothes has changed a lot too. Delicate, beautifully hand embroidered underwear has now made way for scanty and sometimes humorous items that leave little to the imagination!

Also on show at the gallery is an exhibition of contemporary art by the Cutarte Members – Ann Westley, Helén Vigil, Judy Farrar and Rudy Vigil – four local professional artists who manage the gallery and curate all the exhibitions.

“La moda en Cútar de ayer y de hoy” is open every Sunday from the 18th November until the 9th December from 15.00 – 21.00.

Galerá Cutarte – Calle Estación 3, Cútar




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