Feria de Muestras de Marbella 2009

Feria-de-Muestras-de-MarbelTaking the fact of Marbella as a major tourist destination and subsequently its growth of economy, Marbella Exhibition (Trade) Fair over the years has emerged as an important business platform for many enterprises in promotion of their products and services. This year (2009), the trade exposition is in its 28th edition and scheduled to be staged between 31st October and 8th November.

The nine-day long exposition at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Marbella during all its previous instances attracted huge number of participants from various sectors and industries. Automobile, food, travel & tourism, handicrafts, textiles, furniture, cosmetics, telecommunication, health and entertainment dominate the list. The Marbella Trade Fair at present time serves the purpose of many business stakeholders.

During a time when the world is coping with the crisis of recent financial meltdown, trade fairs and business conferences alike the Marbella Exhibition reflect their insight on various aspects for the benefit of overall economic growth and development of the country. Apart from displaying products and promoting services, industry leaders also meet to discuss on all concerned issues.

Every year, the 3000 square metre long business podium has been crowded with producers, traders, and consumers for a range of business activities, including the endorsement, sale and purchase of products and services. Moreover, the fair has been successful in organising buyer-seller meet, B2B promotion programmes, market surveys and information dissemination.

Marbella Exhibition Fair has been a platform for businessmen, entrepreneur, technocrats and service providers to converge at a single place for the betterment of local market and the promotion of domestic products in front of the international buyers.

The festival also concurs with the De Picoteo gastronomic fair at the same venue that offers a variety of cuisines from different parts of Spain.

Further information on the fair can be accessed from the official website: www.marbella.es/congresos/

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