Flor de Sal – Lemon Peeled Salt

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Flor de Sal al Limon is an extraordinary lemon peel blended fresh sea salt used for seasoning of grilled fish and seafood. A mixture of saltiness and tangy taste makes this unique, and one item you should have in your kitchen to bring that versatile flavour to your table.

Produced by a traditional family owned company, this is considered as an artisan product. Producer Jose Manuel and Mercedes have get the better of their creation.

Flor de Sal is hand-harvested from the Mediterranean Sea, just as people are engaged in the thousands of year’s salt producing activity. The traditional salt harvest keeps the naturalness in the salt which is then mixed with dices of fresh lemon peels brought from Andalucia.

The blend of lemon peels into the moist crystals of Flor de Sal produce an outcome of an inspired aromatic, lemony salt. Use it to season fish before grilling, or for steamed shrimp.

Flor de Sal uniqueness

  • Extraordinary fresh chopped lemon peel blend
  • Versatile flavor for your table
  • Great seasoning for grilled fish and seafood

Laden with minerals from the sea Flor de Sal is the premium salt available in the market. To create this classic salt, the producer capture bubbling surf in designated ponds under the bright, warm Spanish sunshine. And as the fresh seawater evaporates, a delicate crust of sea salt begins to crystallize.

Carefully harvested by hand, never touching the sands below, this salt is blended with right amount of fresh lemon peel and then placed in a glass jar with a genuine natural cork top. This is perfect for your counter, spice shelf or table.


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