Football Festival and Hurling Spain with the Costa Gaels Irish Football Club!

Costa-Gaels-Logo-200As you probably all know this Saturday May 23rd 2015 is the BIG DAY for us at the Costa Gaels and special thanks to our sponsors Biddy Mulligans of La Cala de Mijas!

Please feel free to come down to the pitches around 13:00 to get settled in, in good time (and we might need a hand with putting posts out!) Bring your boots to, as we will be holding some fun games on the grass so all can get involved.

We have teams from Seville and Gibraltar coming to play football at 14:00 – The format of the game will be sorted this week depending on players but we are aiming to give anyone who wants a run on the pitch plenty of opportunity to do so!

sponseredbyAt around 15:30, after the football ends, we will be playing the first official Hurling match in Andalucia (though it will be more of an exhibition of the sport at this stage that matters not!)

To round of the field sports and just for kicks – we aim to have a good ole “Poc Fada” contest (who can hit the sloitar the longest drive!) with a few little (beer) prizes thrown in for the players – male and female alike (YES! ladies!! we expect you to give it a shot too!)

While this is all going on there will be a bouncy castle/slide and a kids entertainer later in the afternoon (inside the club house!) to keep them all busy and throughout the day the goal posts set out on the back training grounds (with Liam Riordan) and we will be doing exercises and sports with any kids who want to play, from bulldogs, tag, football, and catch. We will be sure to tire them out!

Also we will be holding a raffle with some prizes to raise funds to support the club so your support is greatly appreciated. Top prizes include one of our CLEAN O’Neill’s kit tops from last year – worth €50! Whoever wins it will have a classic piece of Costa Gaels History to wear with pride! and a few more runner up prizes on the day (beer!) – Tickets will be available throughout the day from the bar or one of the committee members.

The Rugby club bar and cafe will be open as normal for all to use as required and we will have some other friends there selling products as well!

Finally we will have a short presentation for the kids who have become an integral part of our little (but growing!) club as a small sign of appreciation. Please make sure you see Philip Conlon as soon as possible to give in your name and the (proper spelling!) so we can have that all prepared!

Any parents of kids in our club, and whoever else would be willing to, we would kindly ask you donate €5(or more!) to the club to help us cover the costs for the day, it all adds up and the help is appreciated! Please see David Reilly before the game to sort that!

and finally! (yes definitely FINALLY at this stage!) the Marbella Rugby Club will have 2 matches for their under 16’s & 14´s (I think thats right!) at 18:00!

So clear your calendar and slap on the sun cream – its gonna be some day!

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Justin Parks

Costa Gaels A6 Flyer


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