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Golden-Mile-MarbellaThe Golden Mile is a stretch of land between Marbella and Puerto Banus, and as the name suggests; it is known for its luxurious lifestyle in a plethora of beach front resorts. All across the year, it remains the most happening place as tourists congregate at those lavishly built villas and estates. With the presence of five-star hotels, golf courses and business centres, Golden Mile is the best example of Marbella’s cosmopolitan character.

Situated in between the Marbella main city and Puerto Banus, the entire area offers magnificent views of mountain and sea. Seating at any of the sea front restaurant or open cafés, one can sense the weight of Golden Mile in the overall growth of the city of Marbella on account of travel and tourism.

The picturesque beauty and the business interest of the region have been constantly attracting real-estate investors to acquire a piece of land and develop it into a villa or hotel for high-profit business interests. Again, people who have the right budget and want to own a small apartment somewhere near Marbella can consider Golden Mile as the best place.

Rapid urbanisation in and around the region with the ongoing construction activity is only a signal of the future infrastructure development i.e. necessary to cater the extending inflow of tourists and their needs in general.

Talking about the villas, tourist clubs and high-class restaurants and bars, those only leave an impression of the luxurious way of life. You can easily hire a bicycle or even take a small walk to enjoy the breathtaking scenery while appreciating the picturesque setting of the area around the coast.

If Marbella is the best Costa resort in Spain to hang on, Golden Mile is the preferred luxury brand in Marbella where you can have the ultimate travel experience while being in one of the beautifully crafted five star suits with all modern amenities, or at any of the budget class hotels to take pleasure in and relax in those superb locations.

Although Marbella as a tourist paradise is quite evident from the sightseeing in the coastline or the Old Town displaying the true Andalucían charm filled with those historic monuments, the Golden Mile is Marbella’s way towards modernity and the city’s tilt towards sophisticated and stylish ambience. Those elegant mansions, spas, swanky hotels and gulf courses only drive you towards an unparalleled sense of fulfilment.

Despite the growth of concrete jungles in the last few years, the Golden Mile is no doubt in the hot list of Marbella’s tourist attraction and hence a must stop over like those architectural delights of the “Old Town”. So, just make it a stay and enjoy a delightful environment further enhanced with high qualities and facilities it boasts.

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