Golf Academies in Marbella

Golf academies in Marbella have a lot to do with the popularity of golfing on the Costa del Sol. Equipped with all kinds of modern facilities in the presence of some of the finest courses; these academies are certainly the best places to learn golfing in Spain.

With the increase of infrastructure and growth of tourism industry in the last couple of decades, Marbella is now one of the preferred most golfing destinations in southern Spain. Most golf academies in Marbella welcome both elders and children with specially designed programmes.

There are few multi-sports academies in Marbella and surrounding areas those arrange golfing lessons, however, some of the best places to learn golfing are academies managed by professional golf clubs on the Costa del Sol.

Almost all golf clubs in Marbella provide tailor made programs for men, women and children of all game levels. You will not only be taught the general rules and etiquettes of the game, but also all technical aspects under the guidance of professional instructors.

Programmes at Golf Academies in Marbella

Golf academies in Marbella offer either full-time programmes or summer special course for children by helping you to understand your own game and improve accordingly.

Beginners usually get instruction programmes with lessons to learn body posture, shape of the swing, holding the club, driving, chipping, among other basic techniques of golf. Besides, golf academies in Marbella also bring intermediate and advanced programmes for amateur as well as more experienced golfers.

Marbella Golf Academy, under the management of Marbella Golf & Country Club, is suitable for those who want to receive a comprehensive programme on golfing at higher levels.

Managed by three experienced golf players: Andres Rosa, Angel Ibanez and Stephane Hoarau, this academy provides golf classes for members as well as children (4 classes per month) and groups of friends. This is a unique opportunity to receive golfing lessons from internationally experienced PGA professionals.

Golf academies in Marbella - Greenlife Golf Club

However, you may contact some other golf academies in Marbella particularly of those well-known golf clubs and courses in Marbella. Golf academy of Río Real Golf, La Quinta Golf Academy, and the Positive Golf Academy of Greenlife Golf Club are other popular places.

These golf academies in Marbella golf clubs provide a complete training package with the best facilities on the coast. The best thing of joining golf programmes designed by those golf clubs is that here you will not only receive lessons from qualified teachers but also get a chance to play on those world-class courses.

So, if you want to take up the sport and wish to take lessons from any golf academies in Marbella, it is recommended to either contact any of the golf clubs or simply join any of the professional and dedicated golf academies in Marbella.

Today even parents want their children to get few golf lessons in their summer holidays, as golfing not only enhances one’s sporting ability but also teaches discipline, dedication and hard work. Thus, if you are on a holiday trip to Andalucía or a permanent resident of the region, golf academies in Marbella are indeed the options for you to look for.

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