Gourmet Club Marbella

The Gourmet Club Marbella is a promotional pilot scheme from Marbella Town Hall to highlight the great cuisines of this Costa del Sol resort town. This provides you an exquisite gastronomic experience by brining the best of culinary delights from of the associate restaurants, which are considered amongst the best in Marbella.

In addition to the taste of a variety of AndalucĂ­a cuisines, visitors also have chance to receive wonderful gifts from the participating companies. It’s free and you can take advantage of special prices on the menus that are allocated in the brochure.

The restaurants under Gourmet Club Marbella also offer you direct gifts for choosing some selective delicious menus. The gifts can be a thermal bath circuit, a bottle of wine, invitation for a drink in the best clubs and pubs in Marbella, and many more.

As mentioned in the promotional brochures, for each of the gourmet menus in any of the restaurants included in this promotion, the manager of the restaurant will stamp the relevant box, and the more stamps you have the better the direct gifts.

Once you have the number of stamps equivalent to the gift you want, fill out the information requested in the brochure and return the booklet to any of the restaurants included in the Club, the gift will be delivered shortly to your address.

Remember, the offer is only valid during the months of March, April, May and June 2010. For more information: visit www.marbellagourmetclub.es or call 952 82 83 88 or Tourist Office: 952 77 46 93

Download the brochure

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