Gratitude and Inspiration Workshop at Hotel Selenza in Estepona

A powerful Gratitude and Inspiration workshop is taking place on the 11th of November at the beautiful Selenza Hotel in Cancelada at 10am. The first meditation will start at exactly 11am.

Gratitude and Inspiration Workshop:

On this workshop, you will learn how Gratitude, Love and the Power of the Universe can jump start your energy for the year to come.

You may not remember what is said but you will remember how you feel as you are taken on yet another journey of meditation, high into the universe and deep inside yourself with science and motivation from Dr. Susan Phoenix, magical sounds from Christine Heckel’s singing bowls and Gratitude Art’s latest inspirations.

11:11:11 represents a global opening in consciousness and in many places all over the world, people will join together in meditation to fill this opening with the right vibrations.

Get in touch with all of your senses and wake up to a new vibrational energy deep inside your soul. Aura photography and Gratitude Art will be available on the day.

A special discounted room rate is available for participants of this workshop.

The Gratitude and Inspiration Workshop costs 60€ for a full days workshop which includes refreshments. Lunch can be purchased in the hotel.

To book your place and for more details, please call: +34 951 712 258 or +34 600 659 063. You can also book your place

Early booking is recommended to ensure your space on this Energy Shifting Event.

For more information and other details, please visit the website:

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