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Living in a foreign or not so familiar country can really be a task at the time of any kind of emergency situation, including health complication. Although we have already talked about some of the finest aspects of the Spanish healthcare system, here is one thing on the medical emergency services.

Yes, the Helicopteros Sanitarios is a specialised private healthcare unit in operation on the Costa del Sol region of southern Spain. It offers 24-hour service 356 days a year which perfectly complements your health insurance.

Helicopter transfer comes as the biggest rescue in life-threatening and urgent condition. While living in any part of Costa del Sol, you just need to make a call to the Helicopteros Sanitarios asking for help and in just a matter of few minutes you will be in a hospital with all medical assistance.

Helicopteros Sanitarios Emergency Services

Other than just medical transfer services, Helicopteros Sanitarios provides prompt and professional medical attention that certainly prevents conditions from developing into a serious illness.

In addition, there are some additional services such as the availability of medicine specialities, doctors, dedicated nursing staff, annual medical check-up, and the option for repatriation and treatment anywhere in Spain.

[Presently, Helicopteros Sanitarios offers medical check-ups to its members in Marbella and Fuengirola and San Luis de Sabinillas clinics].

The Helicopteros Sanitarios asks for both private and business membership to provide you home doctor and emergency services whenever the need arises. So, wherever you are, be it at home, a restaurant, a road accident, the beach, golf course, school or a friend’s house, medical emergency is just a call away.

On arrival, specialised medical team of Helicopteros Sanitarios may either decide to treat you on the spot or stabilize and transfer you by ambulance or helicopter to the nearest hospital.

If you are living in Marbella, you may contact them at the following address or just dial: (+34) 952 816 767

Helicopteros Sanitarios, S.A
Edif. Helicopteros Sanitarios
Ctra. A-7, Km. 175
29660 Puerto Banus

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