How to avoid costly phone premium rate numbers in spain

When you call a 902 number in Spain the charges are usually something like 25 cents a minute and 807 and 806 number can start at 1 euro per minute meaning that call to your bank or airline can cost you a pretty penny or two.

For example, I had to call paypal a while bank 6 times to sort out a paypal issue and the only contact number they have is a 902 number. Each call was around 30 – 40 minutes after taking into consideration being put on hold and being passed around to various numbskull departments.

In the end the calls cost me 65 euros in total. Thats just plain damn ridiculous. I would not mind but the issue was not even my fault in the end.

Now, a good friend of mine, Joey from Tanuki Data, has pointed me to a web site which is an index of companies and their 902 numbers and gives their landline equivalent.

The site is

Okay, the site is in spanish but is pretty simple to use and understand. Just type in a companies name or their 902 number and you can find the normal landline equivalent.

Its not perfect but gave me some cheaper call options to my bank and internet provider.

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