III Costa del Sol Business Awards

The Director of the Business Support Centre in Marbella, Mr. Oscar Fernandez, of Andalucia Emprende, Junta de Andalucia invites you to the Foreign Residents Business Day 2010, which includes the ceremony of the Costa del Sol Business Awards scheduled for October 21st.

The event is organised in collaboration with the Unicaja International and the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga. In its third instance, the Costa del Sol Business Awards will yet again server as a tool for the overall business promotion while creating a platform for international business firms.

Costa del Sol has been an emerging business point of southern Spain in which the expat community plays a key role in the overall growth of the region due to their diversity, size and the possible amount of business investments they brought.

Looking at the contribution of foreign residents to Costa del Sol business, it has been one of the strategic targets of the Regional Government, Junta de Andalucia, to support international residents in making business here in Andalucia. Hence, by hosting business seminars and events like Costa del Sol Business Awards, it facilitates better coordination and interaction between local authority.

Costa del Sol Business Awards is exclusively for international firms already doing business or intending to get into the Costa del Sol market. Recognising the huge amount of business resources, the idea of Junta to integrate foreign business men living in Spain is indeed laudable for the overall growth of the region.

An organised business structure regulated by the Andalucia government and the presence of a business platform directly encourages foreign residents doing business in furthering their investment activities, creating more companies, which are larger and stronger, more innovative, better connected and integrated in the region.

For this purpose CADE Marbella, Malaga Chamber of Commerce and Unicaja are organising the III Foreign Resident Business Day, a meeting point for all people aiming to start doing business in Andalucia or for existing business people to expand their activities.

The Costa del Sol Business Awards ceremony is the perfect event to stimulate creativity and network, and to look for new business opportunities. 2010 Costa del Sol Business Awards ceremony is a part of this business meeting. The meeting includes two conferences: “Internet opportunities in 2011” and “Communication – Simple Strategies for Success”.

Costa del Sol Business Awards Categories

Among all participants, notable achievers or some of the most successful or innovative firms will be awarded on six different categories: Integration in Andalusia, Innovation Award, Business Promotion of Andalusia, Association Award, Young Entrepreneur, and Company of the Year.

Date:   Thursday, 21st October 2010
Time:   4:15 p.m.
Place:   Hotel los Monteros, Marbella.

For more information, details and attendance, please visit the official web page: www.costadelsolbusinessawards.com or contact CADE Marbella on +34 951 270 201 or e-mail: cade.marbella@andaluciaemprende.es.

Any company or business house located in Andalucia can vie for the Business Awards. The deadline for all entries to participate in the different award categories will now be on 11th October 2010. However, you can still register to attend to the Ceremony until the 19th October 2010. The Costa del Sol Business Awards will end with a glittering awards ceremony and cocktail party in Marbella on aforementioned date.

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