Indian Grooveland playing at Havana Beach Bar in Estepona

On the 9th of July from 7pm, Havana Beach Bar in Estepona are presenting a fantastic live concert with Indian Grooveland.

INDIAN GROOVELAND represents the creative spirit, restless beyond human boundaries, where the artistic and material universe is mystical and earthly and gains its greatest splendor on the stage, giving you a show that combines organic and multirrítmico tradition and modernity which is highly attractive for all the senses where the listener and viewer can be immersed in a journey of different cultures, resulting in a unique experience.

The History of Indian Grooveland:

Indian Grooveland first came to light 5 years ago with sporadic encounters between Saeed Khan (sitar from Kashmir) and Javier Castro (bass player from Argentina) who met in Malaga. They decided to record some ideas, fusing Indian and Western music, and went on to produce great material which would become the embryo of a stunning new musical project.

The group soon began to take shape with the arrival of another Argentine musician friend, Capi Breccia, (multi-instrumentalist who fuses tango with electronic music) who started to harmonize all the ideas that arose between Saeed and Javier which subsequently created a form of music that would become Indian Grooveland and the rest is history!

Indian Grooveland play a musical style very rich and varied in the predominantly ethnic-electronic fusion, with the sitar played by Saeed as the most representative and defining sound of Indian Grooveland.

With Indian Grooveland playing on the beach in Estepona, this show promises to be a unique musical experience in a beautiful setting.

Havana Beach Bar
Playa del Cristo

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