Inspiration Workshop with Dr. Susan Phoenix and Gratitude Art

Dr. Susan Phoenix and Gratitude Art is presenting an Inspiration Workshop on Saturday the 19th of February from 10:30am to 5pm at the Marbella Golf & Country Club.

About the Inspiration Workshop:

Dr. Phoenix uses her skills in this workshop to help other people re-discover their strengths and life path working with angels, energies and auras, and this time she has teamed up with Christine Heckel and her fantastic Tibetan singing bowls.

These magic and harmonious sounds of the singing bowls are a truly powerful healing method, that can take you to a higher and deeper level of meditation, filling the day with positive vibes and deep meditation.

Christine was born in 1965 in Germany. Christine is a light worker, a Reiki Master and teacher, as well as Jorei – Okada Purifying Therapy Practitioner. Christine decided to work in the health prevention and consultation sector, specialising in relaxation techniques as more and more people consulted her on how to deal with everyday stress. Her passion is working with Tibetan singing bowls in individual therapies as well as group works.

Dr. Susan Phoenix is a Healer, “light-worker” and Doctor of Psychology. Susan has known great joy and sadness as a military nurse, mother, wife, and widow. As a pioneer for deaf family dynamics and language development she developed a reputation for her down-to-earth passion for communication.

The Workshop price, if you book before the 14th February is only 65€ per person. After the 14th, the cost to participate is 85€ per person. The price includes coffee, tea and biscuits.

Ctra de Cádiz, N-340 Km., 188
29604 Marbella

Please visit the website for more details on the Workshop:

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