Intuitive/Self Development Class at Cabopino Wed 25 Jan 2012 at 8pm

short-for-facebook1 Start of a new year. Take the time for you and join us in a class of like minded people, get your positivity start for this very special year.

Intuitive/Self Development Class is held every two weeks on a Wednesday at 8pm.

Classes start at 8pm and finish at 10.00 pm. Cost of class (20 euros) includes a channelled message for the whole class and an individual message from your guide. Latest booking time is 12 midday on day of class due to channelling of messages. Shirley has a unique way of teaching, numbers are limited so BOOK EARLY.

THIS CLASS IS HELD AT CAROL DUQUEMINS – call Carol on 625819978 or email to book your spot.

Lots of beautiful people, lots of sparkly energy.

Intuitive/Self development teaches you a whole new view on life. It may bring a calmness and peace into your life which then creates a path to contentment and joy. Many who have attended Shirleys classes have become positive, happy, abundant individuals and some have become well known mediums, all know how to tap into their joy.

If you would like to develop your intuition and become more aware of how you tick, these are the perfect classes for you.

Each and everyone of you has intuitive abilities, one just needs the guidance in how to tune into your gift and how to control your gift once developed. A lot of people have the misunderstanding that if one develops psychic or mediumships abilities that they will be constantly bombarded with messages and insights. This is not the case if trained and guided by a teacher who is sensitive to your needs and gives individual attention to your growing gift, as you will learn quickly and easily how to switch on your intuitive ability and how to also switch off.

Everything you are and all your gifts are within each and everyone of you. You just require an understanding into how to tap into them. Learning who your personal guide is at this time and creating that bond is your first step. Once you are able to tune into your guides vibration and your guide into yours, everything grows from there. Your guide is there from then on for you to call on for guidance and assistance in all areas of your life. The guide stands at your side to help further develop your psychic and mediumship abilities. As your awareness grows you may find that your guide then changes to a guide that is more suited to what teachings are needed.

Trust – from experience of teaching so many development classes this is the hardest for most pupils at the beginning. Shirley often gets asked “how do I know if it is truly my guide giving the message or I am just making it up”. The classes are designed to help develop your trust. Before Shirley teaches a class she links into the class guide who gives her an inspirational message for the class. Shirley then links into the guide of each of the people attending the class and gets an inspirational message for them from their guide, which they do not receive until they have spent time in the class receiving their own connection and message from their guide. It always ties in, what Shirley has been given and what they receive themselves. A great way to build up the trust.

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Shirley Le Cheminant

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