Jamon Serrano Gran Reserva by Redondo Iglesias

Spanish ham: Jamon Serrano and Jamon Iberico are the most common and characteristic gourmet food items in Spain. This is indeed a passion shared by all of Spain which is quite popular and the base of a variety of Spanish tapas.

Jamon Serrano or “mountain ham,” unlike Iberian ham (only made from Iberian pig), is made from different breeds of white pigs and they are mostly fed a variety of cereals. In general, the Jamon Serrano is dry-cured for at least a year to bring the typical flavour and aroma.

  • Thinly sliced and ready to eat!
  • Excellent quality Serrano ham
  • Enjoy with wine and cheese at room temperature

How Jamon Serrano is different from Italian Prosciutto

Used with the same type of pork, Jamon Serrano is often compared to Italian Prosciutto, but the Serrano ham is cured longer and without Prosciutto’s covering of lard, resulting in a leaner, tastier ham!

This extended curing transforms it into less fatty and bringing in delicacy with deep flavour and aroma. Sliced Jamon Serrano Gran Reserva also contains less salt than its Italian cousin so you can enjoy more of the rich ham flavour.

You can serve this ham with some Manchego cheese and Spanish wine for a quick, traditional tapa! Truly, this sliced paper thin Jamon Serrano, also known as Jamon Reserva, gives you the most authentic Spanish Jamon experience.


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