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Living and working in Spain, particularly searching for jobs in Marbella has been a subject of concern for many, especially foreigners intending to move here, because of the high rate of unemployment. Through this write up, we will just give you an overview about the kind of jobs you can get in Marbella.

The Costa del Sol resort town Marbella, known for hotels, villas and large scale real-estate development, banks on its tourism industry and most jobs available here are in some way or other related to the tourism and the large base of expat population. Foreigners living in Costa del Sol region have opened up an array of jobs in Marbella.

Looking at the gloomy prospect of jobs in Marbella and other areas of Andalucia, many people prefer self-employment by starting any business. However, if you are looking for a well-paid job, mastering Spanish language will definitely increase your chances of securing a job. Spanish companies who directly deal with customers prefer executives who have good command over the local languages.

Talking about the tourism and hospitality industry, even knowing a few more languages helps you in getting a particular type of job with a good chance of finding work in estate agencies and travel companies. In that case, it is advisable to learn Spanish to broaden your job prospects.

English Teacher Jobs in Marbella

If you don’t have any technical expertise, another job you might come across in those advertisements of various local recruitment agencies is of English teachers. In the last decade or so, there has been a great interest among Spaniards to communicate with this globally accepted spoken language.

Those want a teaching job; need to have TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). Moreover, there are many language schools in Andalucía region and to know more about teaching jobs in Marbella and surrounding areas; you need to check out the listing of language schools in Marbella. Besides, you may also work as private tutors in households.

Seasonal Jobs in Marbella

Well, it is mainly the summer months when you will get plenty of options of jobs in Marbella. Being the top most holiday destination in Costa del Sol, there are huge number of hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs where one can get a work of his/her choice. However, Spanish fluency is essential to get higher paid jobs.

Nevertheless, tour guides, hotel managers, reception, bar staff, sports instructors, among other hospitality and catering jobs are temporary occupation; hence, one should always be prepared to search for a new one at the end of high tourist season.

Real Estate Jobs in Marbella

With the kind of boom in construction and real estate sector, entrepreneurs don’t hesitate to invest more and more eying the lucrative business opportunity. Primary jobs in this sector are: sales advisors, investment recruiter, field sales executives, overseas property advisors or property consultants. If you are dynamic with good communication skills, you should not have any trouble finding a suitable job in this field.

Finding jobs in Marbella becomes more distant in case you have neither any technical skills nor fluency in Spanish language. Looking at various job forms on Marbella and our own job notice board, it has been observed that there are a wide range of jobs available in Marbella, Gibraltar and areas along the Costa del Sol.

Starting from customer service executive, sales consultants, property manager, business analyst, and IT systems specialists, graphic designer to courier representative, Marbella always have a variety of jobs on offer, but competition is very stiff considering the number of applicants.

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