Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is a sport which can be enjoyed by everyone. As shooting is now a top level sporting activity in all over world, the popularity of this sport among children and elders certainly crafts it as a recreation leisure activity.

In this particular laser clay pigeon shooting, the players fire an infrared beam at clays from a bit modified shotgun. Whenever you pull the trigger to the clays launched from a conventional clay launcher, the laser sport control module/scoreboard generates the shotgun ‘bang’ and when a player hits the target it reproduces the sound of a breaking clay.

An indicator on the gun instantly tells the player whether the invisible laser beam has hit or missed the target, and spectators and players can see the score of each player on the large electronic scoreboard.

Who’s it for?

Laser clay pigeon shooting is safe for all. Not only is lasersport environmentally safe, but as the guns are deactivated there is no danger to participants or spectators; even young children can play lasersport in total safety.

As the most popular shooting sport in many countries, Lasersport provides the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the thrill and excitement of shotgun shooting in perfect safety without any threat to the environment. Thousands of people play just for fun; others treat it as a serious and competitive sport.

Whom to contact for Laser clay pigeon shooting

Experience Box Spain brings this exciting activity on your Costa del Sol tour. Istan Lake Marbella is a popular point where you can play this sport; however, you may contact the organiser if you want to know the availability of laser clay pigeon shooting in any other location in Costa del Sol.

Safe and fun filled Laser clay pigeon shooting

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