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The Marbella-based Mills & Mills Medical Group is the leading providers of cosmetic surgery on the Costa del Sol. With over 25 years experience in the cosmetic surgery industry, founders David and Debra Mills have been offering their clients a high quality medical service for surgery in southern Spain.

Over the last few years, the company has secured its position as the leading brand for cosmetic surgery in Spain, with thousands of clients from the UK and Ireland having also visited the Costa del Sol for their cosmetic or obesity surgery.

For the purpose of providing all clients with more localised information about the wide range of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Mills & Mills Medical Group has recently launched a new website for local residents, which is available at:


This new site contains information about the many cosmetic surgery procedures available to local residents of Spain, including:

– Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men (http://www.millsmedicalgroup.es/)
– Obesity Surgery & Weight Loss Procedures (http://www.millsmedicalgroup.es/obesity)
– Cosmetic Dentistry (http://www.millsmedicalgroup.es/cosmetic-dentistry)
– Facial Surgery (http://www.millsmedicalgroup.es/facial-surgery)
– Breast Surgery (http://www.millsmedicalgroup.es/breast-surgery)
– Body Surgery (http://www.millsmedicalgroup.es/body-surgery)
– Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures (http://www.millsmedicalgroup.es/non-surgical)

MillsMedicalGroup.es also contains detailed information about the fully certified plastic surgeons in Spain, as well as an extensive list of patient testimonials and before & after photos of cosmetic surgery.

The unique ‘Circle of Care’, combined with our medical excellence, value for money and a personal service like no other ensures that Mills & Mills is your first choice when choosing cosmetic surgery on the Costa del Sol.

This is the only clinic on the Costa del Sol to have independent accreditation in cosmetic surgery under the TA accreditation scheme. Also Mills & Mills is the first cosmetic surgery clinic in Europe to be awarded this accreditation.

For further information, please visit www.millsmedicalgroup.es Or call us on 902 906 058

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