Marbella Golf Green Fees Survey 2010

The survey has been done from January to May to identify the preferences of golfers who visit the Costa del Sol, to develop a variety of services and activities tailored to their customers’ needs. The golf course that has decided to share the conclusions drawn from this recent survey is the Marbella Golf and Country Club in Spain.

The decision to share the information is part of a new management strategy, more open and interactive, which this golf course in Marbella is developing since last year.

Although the survey has been done by means of a short questionnaire, the width of the sample in which golfers from over 15 countries have participated, has led to some interesting conclusions about the aspects that golfers appreciate most. The study clearly shows that aspects such as the pace of play, the price or the quality of the service provided are most valued by golfers.

Furthermore, the level of the players (established by their handicap) or the country of origin also affects their preferences when it comes to enjoying golf. Thus, while the Spanish players would appreciate having special offers to play on Fridays, golfers from other countries would prefer that these offers were on Mondays.

To reward all those who have devoted their time to complete the questionnaire, this course has drawn a prize of a yearly subscription to play golf in Marbella for free. The success of this initiative and the amount of suggestions that have been collected in the questionnaire, encouraged the club management to continue with these actions that allow them to be much closer to their customers, and soon they’ll launch on their website a similar new initiative.

The Golf Courses of the Costa del Sol seem to have identified the great potential of internet and its new tools, as there are already good examples like Marbella Golf & Country Club, such as La Quinta Golf, which is consolidating its presence in social networks like Twitter or YouTube, or the Rio Real Golf and Chaparral Golf Club that are developing good strategies for internet positioning. They have chosen the Internet as their main communication channel and they have realized that this is the right environment to be present to listen and talk directly to their customers.

If you are interested in the survey and the conclusions drawn, you can download it on their website or contact their marketing department in

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